North Georgia Cabins and Summer Vacation Adventure

Gas prices influencing your family?s summer vacation plans? There’s no reason to pack the family into the car for a five hour trip to the beach this summer! Instead, consider visiting Blue Ridge Mountain in North Georgia for an action packed trip full of water adventures.

Only 90 minutes north of Atlanta, most people have no idea what fun activities are available when they stay in North Georgia cabins. From calm, peaceful afternoons spent tubing or boating to whitewater rafting expeditions that will get your adrenaline pumping, staying in one of the mountain top vacation rentals gets you set up for a great time!

Toccoa River:

The Toccoa River is an ideal spot for a lazy tube float near many Blue Ridge Mountain cabins. Since the Toccoa River is dam controlled, the pace of your ride may vary. Several tubing companies offer float trips of either one and a half miles or six miles. Depending on when water is released from the dam, the one and a half mile trip can take anywhere from 20 minutes to one hour, with the six mile trip clocking in between two and six hours.

Tubing Adventure:

Preparing to go tubing in Blue Ridge Mountain North Georgia is easy. It’s best to wear a bathing suit or comfortable clothes that you’re prepared to get wet. Sun block and sturdy shoes are a must. On the six-mile float, many people bring a cooler of snacks and drinks to keep them fortified during their time down the river. Depending on its size, it might be necessary to rent a separate tube for your cooler. Life jackets are included in the tube rentals for safety, but it is best if all floaters know how to swim. It’s easy to make tubing a family affair, as long as the youngest floater is five or older.

Several shops offer those staying in North Georgia cabins the chance to go canoeing or kayaking, if tubing seems a bit too lethargic. A 13.8 mile canoe trail will give you plenty of time to work those paddles at your own pace.

White Water Rafting:

About 15 minutes from most Blue Ridge Mountain cabins, you’ll find the adrenaline junkies gearing up for a white water rafting expedition. Continuous class III and IV rapids provide enough thrills to get any one’s heart racing. Even rafting novices will have a blast, though, since all companies have an experienced guide go along with each party. The rafting actually takes place in the Ocoee River, which is what the Toccoa River is renamed once it crosses into Tennessee.

More Rafting Adventure:

The Middle Ocoee River features 20 known rapids, and usually takes about one and a half to two hours to navigate. The Upper Ocoee River was the site of the 1996 Olympics kayak event, and offers stunning wilderness views. The four-mile trip down the Upper Ocoee takes about one and a half hours. To make a full day of rafting adventure, those from Blue Ridge Mountain cabins might want to combine the trips, rafting both the Upper and Middle stretches. As with tubing, you’ll want to make sure you wear clothes that are comfortable when wet, and secure shoes. This adventure is suitable for all family members over the age of twelve.

You may never have expected to encounter tubing, kayaking, canoeing and rafting during your stay in Blue Ridge Mountain North Georgia, but after experiencing these fun water activities, you’ll see that they create memories you’ll never forget!