North Georgia Cabins and Summer Vacation Adventure

Gas prices influencing your family?s summer vacation plans? There’s no reason to pack the family into the car for a five hour trip to the beach this summer! Instead, consider visiting Blue Ridge Mountain in North Georgia for an action packed trip full of water adventures.

Only 90 minutes north of Atlanta, most people have no idea what fun activities are available when they stay in North Georgia cabins. From calm, peaceful afternoons spent tubing or boating to whitewater rafting expeditions that will get your adrenaline pumping, staying in one of the mountain top vacation rentals gets you set up … Read More

10 English Phrases to Use When Traveling

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10 English Phrases to Use When Traveling

If you do not speak English well and you must travel to an English-speaking country, it is important to know certain phrases that can make your travel easier on your. However, simply knowing them is not going to help if you don?t know what they mean. You have to know what they mean in order to know what situations to use them in. If you use the wrong phrase in the wrong situation, then that could be a socially embarrassing situation.

So below are 10 English phrases that you can … Read More